Zantac 360°® Heartburn Medicine

Heartburn can get in the way of enjoying meals with your loved ones. Why miss a moment? Zantac 360° with Triple Action prevents heartburn in as little as 15 minutes, relieves it at the source, and lasts up to 12 hours.*

Formulated with the active ingredient famotidine — a clinically proven, safe, and effective medicine that is doctor recommended and FDA-approved — Zantac 360° heartburn medication lets you enjoy meals with confidence, and without compromise. 

Zantac 360° is available in Original Strength and Maximum Strength. See which product is right for you.

*Refers to acid control. Acid control does not correlate to symptom relief.
†Among OTC H2 Blockers.

Money Back Guarantee

Zantac 360° works fast and lasts — guaranteed or your money back.*

*Refers to Money Back Guarantee. Terms and Conditions apply.

Heartburn Treatment Options

Learn about different heartburn medicine types and how they compare to Zantac 360°.