Prevent or Relieve Heartburn Fast with New Zantac 360°™

Life’s best moments revolve around food. Why let heartburn ruin the moment? New Zantac 360° transforms how you manage heartburn.

Zantac 360° has a new formula that’s clinically proven to be safe and effective and contains the FDA-approved active ingredient famotidine — the #1 doctor recommended medicine approved to both prevent and relieve heartburn.* Plus, it works in as little as 15 minutes and lasts up to 12 hours.

Whether taken before you eat to prevent heartburn, or after you eat to relieve it, new Zantac 360° gives you heartburn control so you can Eat your way. Treat your way.®

*Among OTC H2 Blockers.

Refers to acid control. Acid control does not correlate to symptom relief.

Heartburn Treatment Options

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